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MekaApesOoga is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.


We are proud to have built one of the most amazing and welcoming communities in the entire crypto space. Every MekaApesOoga holder has a voice in this project and will be able to steer the project with their input. Don’t hesitate, join the Oogas and let your voice be heard!

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Stealth launch of the first 100 Genesis Oogas

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Launch of the remaining 1,900 Genesis Oogas

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Migration to our official NFT contract + $DMT Token launch. Each Genesis Ooga yields 20 $DMT passively per day.

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Activation of the breeding functionality to generate the Baby Oogas

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MekaApes Game Genesis Launch (P2E Game on the Ethereum Blockchain)

0 %

Start of MekaApes Game Stage 2 (PvP Game)

0 %

Bali Clubhouse and special events. Genesis Ooga Holders gain VIP access.

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Stage 3 of the MekaApes Game. Fight your MekaApes in Sandbox!

The MekaApesOoga

$DMT Token

Oogas are the hardest working Apes in the universe. After the migration to our official contract, each Genesis Ooga will passively yield 20 $DMT a day. The DarkMatter Token $DMT will serve as a token that can be spent on the following utilities: Ooga customisation, breeding Baby Oogas, and as the sole accepted Token for the purchase of the coveted MoonPass. The $DMT Token has no financial value and only serves the utility of the MekaApesOoga.

Breeding Baby Oogas

The second generation of Oogas consists of 6,000 Baby Oogas. Each Baby Ooga will be generated through the breeding process. Breeding requires two Genesis Oogas and 2,000 $DMT – which will be burned upon breeding. Our main priority is synergy between current and future collections, along with the establishment of a sustainable ecosystem.

MekaApes Game

With the upcoming MekaApes Game, MekaApesOoga introduces exciting new game mechanics such as evolution, fusion and a unique levelling-up system. These features, combined with the expansive MekaApesOoga collection will make MekaApes the most in depth strategy game available on the Ethereum blockchain.


MekaApesOoga was founded by the BananaCollector.
His vision was to create an NFT collection that’s all about community.
To fulfil his mission, he recruited his two friends GM and Wizzard.


Lead dev building the ecosystem


Founder of MekaApesOoga


Marketing Manager + community lover

Special thanks to all the discord mods that are doing an amazing job handling the Ooga Gang in our Server.

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